Welcome to Woop Woop

Our journey started back in 2002 in Australia when we built an organic, wood-fired sourdough bread bakery called Slow Rise on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We sold our breads, cookies, and granola exclusively at our local farmers markets.
In 2013 we returned to California and in April 2014 launched a new company called Woop Woop Fine Foods. The name is an homage to an Australian expression meaning “the boondocks” or “the sticks” which describes the small community where we lived. Interestingly, in America, Woop Woop translates as an expression of approval, joy and excitement.

The products we now produce are gluten-free cookies and granola that excite the taste buds with unusual flavor profiles and healthier ingredients.

Our gluten-free products are made primarily of organic ingredients sourced from California purveyors. We use the least processed ingredients we can to make our cookies, such as organic evaporated cane juice, pure maple syrup, and a gluten-free flour blend that is free of GMO’s and many common allergens such as, potatoes, soy and corn. Our dried fruits, seeds and nuts come from organic California farms and our organic, free-range eggs come from local farmers markets.

Our products are baked in a local, licensed commercial kitchen in a dedicated gluten-free area.

Johnnie and Lexi Lightning

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